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Muffy The Vampire Layer (1992)

watch vintage porno – Muffy The Vampire Layer (1992)

Description:When a trio of tantalizing young tarts decides to explore the local graveyard, they run into a bit more than they had bargained for in this scorching sexvid. P.J. Sparxx, Lacy Rose and Sunset Thomas play a gang of addle-brained Valley Girls who spend their time reading pulp comics and speculating about vampires. Sunset puts an early end to such thoughts when her boyfriend comes by, and she shoos away the other gals so that she and he can enjoy some fiery fun. Later that night, though, P.J. is still worrying about vampires, so she calls up her gal pals and they troop out to the local graveyard to investigate. Once they arrive, their world is turned upside down when they discover that there are in fact real live vampires living in the crypt!