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Le yacht de l`amour (1984)

watch vintage porno – Le yacht de l`amour (1984)

About: Two rich couples on a yacht (Eva Kleber and Christine Chavert are the females) have sex on a yacht in the harbour. Then the girls walk topless long the shore. They are spied on by Olivia Flores’ boyfriend using binoculars. He tells Olivia about this when she gets out of the bath. They have sex and then hatch a plot to steal the rich girls’ jewellery. Olivia pretends to faint on the quayside next to the yacht and gets taken on board. She swiftly recovers and starts an orgy, but drugs the drinks and steals the jewels. Later the victims spot Olivia and boyfriend in a nightclub. The girls turn the tables by luring the boyfriend back to the yacht for sex and getting Olivia to return the jewels. She has to take on the two men as punishment.