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Brat Girl (1989)

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Description: In this episode of the Brat series, Julianne dreams of becoming a costumed crime fighter who dons a costume to take on the evil forces of Aunt Peg (Tantalla) and Feline (Hyapatia Lee) and her minions Felix, Kitty Kat, and Puss-Puss (Jeff James, Debi Diamond, and Claire Tyler) with the help of her sometimes able bodied assistant Mort The Wonder Yuppie (Tom Byron). Feline has the power of pussy which almost no man and many women are powerless against and she isn’t afraid to use it. Great groaning garter-belts Bratgirl! Feline plans on cornering the world market on polyester after she forces Morty to pose as the world renowned fashion designer Giorgio Vermicelli. It’s up to the combined might of Bratgirl and The Faerie (Barbara Dare) to rescue Morty and stop Feline and Aunt Peg’s dastardly devices without succumbing to the power of pussy. Paul Thomas makes Bratgirl every bit as fun as it can be and uses just the right amount of cheesiness to pull it off.